About the World Taxpayers Associations

World Taxpayers Associations (WTA) is delighted be holding its 17th World Taxpayers Conference (WTC) May 23-26, 2019 in beautiful Sydney Australia. The event will be hosted by the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and Tax & Super Australia (which is concurrently celebrating its 100th anniversary).  This grand event will be combined with the Friedman Conference which is the largest annual gathering of free market leaders in the Southern Hemisphere.

The WTA is an international umbrella organization of approximately 59 member and observer groups from 46 countries that represent a combined 2 million supporters. WTA was founded in 1988 to create a dialogue among a growing number of taxpayer associations and to foster and support the emergence of new groups.

Every two years, WTA holds an international gathering. The last four conferences have been held in Berlin (2016), Vancouver (2014), Kiev (2012) and London (2010) – the latter attended by Margaret Thatcher.

This biennial event is the world’s largest international gathering of taxpayer leaders.  The conference is both a unique opportunity to network as well as exchange ideas and best practices in support of the principles of limited government and free enterprise.  The international portion of the conference is generally attended by 200 leaders from every continent.

Importantly, most of the member organizations of WTA are “advocacy” groups, not “think tanks.” Advocacy groups focus on organizing and mobilizing public opinion campaigns aimed at changing public policy.

In the era of so-called “social license” and growing activism hostile to free enterprise and limited government, WTA organizations are important in advancing the understanding that prosperity is linked to free markets and personal freedom is linked to limits on government.