STUDENT PRE-CONFERENCE - Friday 25th of May (no lunch provided)
9:00 Ben O'Neill
9:30 Bettina Arndt
10:00 US Politics with Dara Lind, Ilya Shapiro, Jim Lark & Tom Palmer*
11:00 BREAK
11:20 Blockchain with Gavin Brennen, Jeffery Tucker, Matt O'Donnell & Stephan Livera*
12:30 LUNCH (not provided)
13:30 Communicating Liberty with Vale Sloan, Milica Kostic, Ben Whimpy, Andrew Bragg & Renee Gorman*
15:00 BREAK
  Normal Programming IPA Open Minds (students only)
15:15 Should Australia Become a Republic?
With: Satya Marar, Peter Rhode, Peter Phelps, Matthew O'Donnell*

John Roskam
Chris Berg
Scott Hargreaves

16:15 Threats To Liberty
With: Helen Dale, Tom Palmer, Ben O'Neill, Matthew Lesh*
17:15 BREAK
18:00 Cocktail Drinks @ GT's Hosted by the IPA
Welcome Talk with Chris Berg & Sinclair Davidson, including book launch: "Against Public Broadcasting: Why and how we should privatise the ABC"


 Saturday 26th of May
8:00 Registration
8:30 V.I.P. Breakfast with Ian Plimer
9:00 Introduction with Chris Berg
9:10 Economic Development with Warren Mundine, Jacinta Price and Anthony Dillon*
10:00 Energy & Environment with Ian Plimer, Jo Nova and Nick Minchin*
11:00 BREAK
  Broadway Room Thomas Room Wattle Room
Introduction to Anarchy

Mark Hornshaw
Ben O'Neill
Louise Hitchcock
John Humphreys*


Shifting the Overton Window

John O'Connell
Anna Kumar
Graham Young

Parnell McGuinness*

Rule of Law

Lorainne Finlay
Amanda Stoker
Jonathan Blanks
Simon Breheny*
12:30 LUNCH | V.I.P. Lunch with Amanda Stoker & James Paterson  
  Broadway Room Thomas Room Wattle Room
Nuclear Power

Ben Heard
Warren Mundine
Mark Ho
Stuart Hatch*

In Defence of Global Trade & Migration

Gabby D'Souza
Rainer Heufers
Dara Lind

Satya Marar*

History of Australian Liberalism

The Hon. Peter Phelps
Greg Melleuish
Zach Gorman
Eugenie Joseph*

Tax & Welfare Policy

Simon Cowan
Sam Lee
Daniel Wild
Greg Pulscher*


Beyond Left-Right Politics

Jonathan Blanks
Gabe Buckley
Kerryn Pholi
Codie Neville*


Future of the Liberal Party

James Patersen
Nick Minchin
Harry Stutchburry
Rod Schneider*

15:30 BREAK
16:00 Hypothetical with Tony Morris QC + 8 Speakers
17:30 BREAK V.I.P. Drinks with Mark Latham
19:00 Gala Dinner & Presentation of Liberty Awards
Introduction by Milica Kostic, keynote by Jeffery Tucker
Music by Gabe & Cath Buckley.
23:00 After Party @ GT's Hotel



 Sunday 27th of May
8:30 Registration
9:00 V.I.P. Breakfast with Jeffery Tucker
9:30 Tom Palmer
10:00 Ben Heard
10:30 Economic Reform with Tony Makin, Kesten Green and Sinclair Davidson*
11:30 BREAK
  Broadway Room Thomas Room Wattle Room
Blockchain & Crypto-Economics

Jason Potts
Chris Berg

Nicholas Johnson
Brendan Markey-Towler*

Rethinking Education Policy

Paul Oslington
Emily Kuzeff
Joanna Barr
Blaise Joseph*

Politics of Guilt/Shame

Bettina Arndt
Daisy Cousens
Anthony Dillon
Dana Pham*

13:00 LUNCH | V.I.P. Lunch with Claire Lehman & Tom Switzer  
  Broadway Room Thomas Room Wattle Room
Reality of Business

Jonathan Hall
Andrew Bragg
Alex Ghiculsecu
Tobias Lehmann*


Free to Choose

Aaron Stonehouse
Campbell Newman
John O'Connell
Nicola Wright*


Christianity & Libertarianism

Chris Yates
Chris Ashton
James Dalziel
James Fox Higgins*

Welfare Debate

David Leyonhjelm
Sinclair Davidson

Art, Culture & Propaganda

Helen Dale
Claire Lehmann

The Case for Optimism

Tom Switzer
Jason Potts

16:00 BREAK
16:20 Ilya Shapiro
17:00 Future of Liberty with James Lark, Jeffrey Tucker and Chris Berg*
18:00 Slow Goodbye
19:00 Movie Screening
21:30 End

Please note this schedule is in draft format and remains subject to change. Check here often or your WHOVA app for updates
*Denotes session chair.