With the generous support of the Atlas Network, we are delighted to be able to provide a number of scholarships and part scholarships for students and under 30s to attend the biggest and best pro-liberty conference in the Asia-Pacific region - The 2019 Friedman Conference!

We also believe that liberty should be accessible to everyone. If you are unable to attend the conference for financial reasons and do not fall into the student or under 30 catagory, please contact conference organiser Tim Andrews HERE.




Held from 23th - 27th May, this conference will bring together over 500 taxpayer advocates, thought leaders, business representatives and political influencers from 80 countries to network, learn, and most importantly - have fun!


This will be the biggest centre-right event Australia has EVER seen, so if you like freedom and free markets, then this event is an absolute must!


Just some of our international speakers at the 2019 Friedman Conference include Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Britain’s #Brexit Vote Leave Campaign, Terry & Matt Kibbe from Free The People, Sir Roger Douglas, former New Zealand Minister Of Finance, Avens O’Brien and Judd Weis from LitClub, Miriam Isa from the Los Angeles based Clevver Media, Gia Jandieri, co-founder of the free market think-tank New Economic in Georgia, Bhuvana Anand from the Centre for Civil Society in India, Daniel Bunn from The Tax Foundation in Washington DC, Jennifer Jones from the Competitive Enterprise Institute in the USA, Al Canata and Lyall Swim from the Atlas Network, Tamara Winter from the Center for Innovative Governance Research.


Australian speakers include Steve Baxter, one of Australia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs and and ‘Shark’ on Shark Tank Australia, Sydney Watson, conservative political commentator, Dr Brendan Markey-Towler from RMIT University, Senator Amanda Stoker, Marc Hendrickx, consulting geologist and founder of the Right to Climb movement, Sam Crosby, Executive Director at McKell Institute, Dr Keith Kendall, Partner at Rigby Cooke Lawyers in Melbourne, former Finance Minister Nick Minchin, Dan Wild and John Roskam from the Institute of Public Affairs, Dan Ryan, Director at Australian Institute for Progress, David Mullan, corporate lawyer and CEO at Mulan Law Pty Ltd.


And this is just the start - click HERE for a full list of speakers!


All scholarships will include a “standard” conference ticket, including access to every session over 3 days of the conference, tea, coffee, a 3 course Gala Dinner with 4 hour drinks package, a Dinner Cruise (and drinks package) alongside Sydney Harbor, as well as entry to the Harbour Cruise Afterparty. Students may also apply for a subsidy of their travel costs, however, this will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.


This will be an unparalleled opportunity to hear from the world’s leading academic experts, think-tank gurus, taxpayer activists, as well as campaign and communication strategists, and learn how taxpayer groups in other countries operate. With hands-on training workshops, everyone is guaranteed to return with new ideas and cutting edge practices to implement back at home.


Scholarships are strictly limited in number and priority shall be given to people seeking half scholarships over full scholarships, and to those living outside of Sydney. Preference will also be given to people willing to volunteer at the conference.


To apply, please fill out the form below: